Slow and continual transition of just decaying organic materials throughout the digestion path of some earthworm species will produce materials which call Vermi-Compost or the Black Gold. In terms of quality, Vermi-compost is an organic material with plentiful absorbable form of nutrients for plant, containing various vitamins, bio stimulator hormones and different enzymes. Furthermore, Leonardite is the richest source of Humic Acid in the nature and a good majority of it is Carbon. Considering this fact, its Agricultural usage could improve the soil organic material.
"Niam Agricultural Manufacturing Group" after comprehensive study of merging benefits of Vermi-Compost and Leonardite together, produced a unique product with the trade name of "VermiHume". This product is a competent complement for simultaneous usage with other fertilizers especially chemical fertilizers. On one side, the spongy characteristic of Vermi-Compost and its ability in carrying water will leads to soil fertility, on the other side, Leonardite Acidic pH will cause the final product pH equilibrium and the chelating power of Humic Acid will hold the available nutrients and slow releasing of blocked nutrient.