“Niam Potassium Organic fertilizer” plays an essential role in the optimum nourishment of plants thanks to the abundance of dissolved potassium content .In addition the fertilizer has suitable amounts of macro &micro nutrients along with humus compounds which considerably help with the balanced nourishment of plants. Application of this fertilizer significantiy improves quality and production yield.


“Niam’s  Organic Phosphate Fertilizer” contains a substantial amount of absorbable phosphate element for the plant.
This fertilizer contains high quality humus compounds which increase phosphate rate imporoving the physical chemical and biochemical properties of the soil.It also supplies balanced nourishment due to the presence of nitrogen and micronutrients (including Iron .Zinc .Manganese .Magnesiun & Copper) as well as useful microoganisms and organic acids.
It is obvious thet application af “Niam’s  Organic Phosphate Fertilizer” improves quality and production yield significantly.


Soil  loses  minerals and nutrients due to continuity of crop harvest, consequently  it  needs fertilizer. Chemical and organic fertilizers should be used together to provide suitable condition for plant growth.
“Niam Agricultural Manufacturing Group” has produced a unique fertilizer with an exclusive formula basically formed from chicken manure commercially named “ChikoNiam”.This fertilizer, in addition to modify physical, chemical and biological soil activities  and physical structure , by processing chicken  manure and combining it with other organic and chemical material, provides the productivity and preservation of soil fertility.


Sulfur is one of the essential ingredients for plant growth.plants need a higher amount of Sulfur with respect to Phosphorus.Sulfuf is absorbed in the ionic Sulfate form.As a result it must be applied along with organic matter.the organic matter hosts heterotrophic microbes which are essential for biological oxidation of Sulfur within the soil.
As Sulfur is converted to its Sulfate form PH levels are lowered (increasing acidity)
Elements such as Iron.Zinc.Manganese. Mangnesium and Copper increases.This further reduces Chlorosis syndrome Various studies show thet sulfur organic fertilizer increases the Copper increases .
Various studies show that sulfer organic fertilizer increases the absorption rate of phosphorus.


Considering the extent of alkalinity of farmlands within the country .micro-nutrient deficiency is a common problem.These elements have a special place eithin the agricultural products hence they are known as “tiny elements with huge effects”
“Niam Agricultural Manufacturing Group”has com up with a solution to address this specific dilemma.the granular form of the product leads to uniform distribution which prevents waste.In addition to Iron.Copper.Zinc.Manganese. Magnesium and Calcium elements.it contains Humic and Fulvic acids which play important roles in the absorptionof micro- nutrients. Using micro-nutrient fertilizers significantly enhance quality and quantity of the produce.


“Niam Agrucultural Manufacturing Group” has developed a new product which synergizes the effects of regular Sulfur fertilizer with humic Acid.This new product is theresult of intensive R&D activity by “niam  Agricultural Manufacturing Group”
And is a step ahead of other sulfur fertilizers currently availablein the market.
The organic acids available in the fertilizer in general help with reducing the PH level   within the plant helping the photo- synthesis facilitating production of sugars and increasing the micro-organism level within the soil. Overall this new product helps with overall yield and in the long term maintains the longevity and fertility of the soil.


Supplying nutrition requirement and proper balance between required elements of citrus are known as crucial factors in producing high quality crop, good marketing, and enhancing fruit maintenance after harvesting. Evergreen trees such as citrus need abundant nutrients in order to expand their organs, and consequently, achieve regular harvesting of high quality yield. Compared to other fruit trees, nutritional   balance for citrus is of a greater importance due to citrus severe responses to shortage or surplus of nutrients. In this regard, Niam Company, with providing this new product, attempts to increase growth and productivity of citrus in addition to achieve balance of nutrients.


Shortages of organic material in farmlands and alkalinity of soils has contributed significantly to lower crop yields.these organic compounds are essential tosoil fertility .they are the heart of sustainable agriculture and their their presence in the soil is as necessary as blood is to the human body.
“Niam’s  processed organic compound”contains Humic Acid which improves the physicochemical&biological properties of the rates of essential nutrients and lower production costs.


Slow and continual transition of just decaying organic materials throughout the digestion path of some earthworm species will produce materials which call Vermi-Compost or the Black Gold. In terms of quality, Vermi-compost is an organic material with plentiful absorbable form of nutrients for plant, containing various vitamins, bio stimulator hormones and different enzymes. Furthermore, Leonardite is the richest source of Humic Acid in the nature and a good majority of it is Carbon. Considering this fact, its Agricultural usage could improve the soil organic material.
"Niam Agricultural Manufacturing Group" after comprehensive study of merging benefits of Vermi-Compost and Leonardite together, produced a unique product with the trade name of "VermiHume". This product is a competent complement for simultaneous usage with other fertilizers especially chemical fertilizers. On one side, the spongy characteristic of Vermi-Compost and its ability in carrying water will leads to soil fertility, on the other side, Leonardite Acidic pH will cause the final product pH equilibrium and the chelating power of Humic Acid will hold the available nutrients and slow releasing of blocked nutrient.